What Is a Temporary Workers Agency?

A temporary workers agency is a business that provides a pool of pre-screened people to fill in for gaps in a company’s workforce. These people can be office workers, production line employees, security guards or janitorial staff. Temp agencies are especially useful when an unexpected labour need arises, such as covering for an employee on leave or fulfilling an extra order. They also can be a good way to try out a full-time worker before making a permanent hiring decision.

To find workers, euworkers.fr the agency will advertise for positions in its roster and select applicants based on their skills. A short interview is conducted to confirm that their skills match the job description. A health test and background check are usually carried out as well.

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Once the temporary worker is assigned to a client, they will follow the instructions of the client and work at the client’s location under supervision. The client company is not responsible for paying any benefits or workers’ compensation, but does pay the agency a fee for the services provided.

Unless otherwise specified, all RU contingent workers hired through a temp agency are paid the wages they earn plus a percentage of the total costs associated with their employment. This includes all agency fees and expenses, including but not limited to: