How to Perform a Bulk IP Blacklist Check

bulk IP blacklist check

Performing bulk IP blacklist checks is a crucial step in ensuring your email marketing campaigns are delivered to the intended recipients. If you aren’t careful, you could land on one of these blacklists and see your emails being rejected or sent to spam folders. The good news is that getting your IP address removed from the blacklist is easy. The key is understanding why you were listed and taking the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

Blacklists are automatically updated in real time, and they contain data of IP addresses, emails, and domains that are known to send spam messages. When a spam email is sent from an IP, it’s reported to the blacklist and subsequently filtered out. The more spam activity on your IP address, the higher the chances it will get added to the list.

How to Conduct a Bulk IP Blacklist Check

Most major RBLs have information on their websites on how to get your IP/domain delisted from their blacklists. This usually involves contacting them and providing proof of improved email etiquette or corrective measures you’ve taken to avoid spamming activities in the future.

Using our free tool, you can quickly scan your IP address through multiple RBLs and DNS-based black hole lists (DNSBL) to find out if it’s been added or flagged for blacklisting. You can then view the results of each database, including its summary and the abuse confidence score, as well as investigate the details of each report in more depth.