SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Less Than 7g Sugar Per Bar!

With a balanced diet, we consume adequate natural sugars from fresh fruits, dairy products and even whole grains (trace amounts here), so why add more? There's nothing wrong with sugar in and of itself, but research has shown that too much sugar (particularly the refined, processed kind) can trigger weight gain and possibly increase your risk of developing diabetes and other diseases, like cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. Some people are even claiming increasing incidences of premature aging, hormonal imbalances and cancer with a high-sugar diet!

When we created our bars, we wanted to offer a product that would be safe for those who need (and want) to avoid excess sugar. Most bars have either double digit sugar grams (many natural bars can have as much as 20 grams), artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols--or a combination of these. Our Cacao Almond bar has just 2 grams of total sugar, and our Hint of Peppermint flavor has just 6 grams of total sugar from coconut nectar, an unrefined sweetener that has been shown to produce a lower glycemic effect (good for blood sugar management!) than refined sugar. And we did not add artificial sweeteners OR sugar alcohols to boost sweetness! Using a little Stevia to naturally sweeten enabled us to avoid the potentially undesirable side effects of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols (see the lists below for these sweeteners that commonly appear in nutrition labels). More in the next blog post on why we chose not to use these sweeteners.

Reducing the amount of total sugar in our bars means there's more room for the wholesome ingredients you want to eat, like organic almond butter, organic sunflower butter, organic cacao, organic coconut oil and grass fed whey protein. 


The Sweeteners We Avoid

Artificial Sweeteners:



Acesulfame K


Sugar Alcohols:







Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates


  • Hi Aihme! Thank you for your comment on our blog post. Our nutrition labels are available on our website when you click on each of our Cacao Almond and Hint of Peppermint 12-Packs. We will also be contacting you directly with our nutrition labels. Thank you for reading!

  • Can I see the ingredients list and Nutrition facts. Thanks


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