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Eat Clean. No Compromises.

What Makes Golda Bar Better?

Created by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

Whole Food Ingredients

ZERO Artificial Sweeteners

ZERO Sugar Alcohols

NO Artificial Flavors or Colors

100% Cacao Chips

Healthy Fats from Coconut Oil, Almond Butter and Sunflower Butter

Non-GMO Soluble Fiber

Gluten Free


Cacao Almond Whole Food Protein Bar
Hint of Peppermint Whole Food Protein Bar


As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I highly recommend Golda Bar bc it is low in sugar, delicious and they use quality- protein, what more can you ask of a protein bar!?

A Happy Customer

Love Golda Bars. The overall ingredient mix is just right. Not too sweet, and love the soluble fiber.


Cacao Almond Golda Bar is my favorite bar, hands down! The cacao chocolate chips make them seem like a treat, while being low in sugar, high in fiber and protein, gluten free and great-tasting -- what more could I ask for? They make a perfect energy bar before exercise or a meal replacement when traveling. Love them!


I love this bar - it actually tastes good, and it is so important to me that the sources for the ingredients have integrity (both for the good of my body & the planet). I always have one (or two!) in my bag to make sure I have something healthy to grab when I'm hungry.


Love these bars, high in protein and fiber, with a great (natural) taste.

A Happy Customer

I love that the ingredients are all natural. It’s a perfect on the go snack that I feel good about eating! And great to have on hand as a new mom!

Another Happy Customer

Great tasting on the go bars. I love the dark chocolate chunks!!

Vivian S

Tastes great and fills me up!


It's high in protein, low in sugar and loaded with fiber!!!

A Happy Customer

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High protein. No refined sugar. Whole ingredients. ZERO artificial anything.

Blog Posts

SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Soluble Fiber!

SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Soluble Fiber!

Soluble fiber, including tapioca fiber, specifically binds unhealthy fatty acids and helps eliminate them from the body, elevating good "HDL cholesterol while helping to lower bad "LDL" cholesterol.
SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Less Than 7g Sugar Per Bar!

SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Less Than 7g Sugar Per Bar!

Reducing the amount of sugar in our bars means there's more room for the wholesome ingredients you want to eat, like almond butter, sunflower butter, coconut oil and grass fed whey protein. And we did not replace all that sugar with artificial sweeteners OR sugar alcohols!
Source: pixabay.com

SERIES: What Makes Golda Bar Better? Antioxidants From 100% Cacao

Cacao is the raw, less-processed form of cocoa, and it contains no added sugars or preservatives. We've included 100% cacao chips in both of our bars for powerful antioxidants that support heart, blood sugar and brain health.


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